The macaroons of Amiens

This delicacy called macaroon is shaped like a palace. Connoisseurs will appreciate the pronounced note of almond in the mouth. The macaroon of Amiens is a culinary totem, like the nougat of Montélimar or the cannelé of Bordeaux. A product sold all over the world.

Royal Palet

To make the macaroons of Amiens , you need : egg whites, sugar, honey, bitter almond essence, sometimes fruit but always almond powder. But not just any almond powder. The one from Valencia in Spain. In the opinion of every pastry chef in France and Navarre, only Valencia makes this French-style macaroon incomparable in delicacy. However, macaroons were imported from Italy by Catherine de Médicis di persona who left Florence in 1533 for her planned wedding with Henri II in Marseille.

Sweetness of Amiens

Unlike those of Paris, Nancy or Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the macaroons of Amiens are not the combination of two meringue discs filled with ganache. They are more like Italian amaretti. In the Samarian capital, the famous macaroons are on the menu of any self-respecting confectioner. Among them, the Maison Trogneux has been making them since 1872. One hundred and fifty years later, the unchanging recipe has largely conquered the world, as they are enjoyed from Tokyo to New York via Rio de Janeiro.